Monday, January 24, 2011

The Spin Crowd

I have seen and heard about the Goody Spin Pin for about a year now, but never felt the need to purchase one.  That is, up until last week when it seemed like every day I woke up long after my alarm sounded.  There was just no way my usual go-to hairstyles would cut the time crunch, and I found myself wishing I had invested in these injenuitive little contraptions. 

This weekend I picked up a pack of Spin Pins and got right to working out all the different creations I could twist my hair into using their unique corkscrew design.  Within seconds I was in love.  The hype about how well they manage hair is all true.  I have very thick hair, and with just two little pins, my hair stays in the tightest of professional ballet buns.  Normally, this would take a hair net and about 30 bobby pins (if you have ever done ballet, you understand what I am talking about). 

My favorite look so far is a low messy bun.  This style takes only seconds and it looks amazing!  I have layered bangs and very straight hair so I like to start by blowdrying my bangs and the ends of my hair.  I then wrap my hair into a tight bun just above the nape of my neck and twist two pins into place.  The tight bun insures that the pins will stay put for hours while allowing the bun to gently fall loose in a natural, beachy manner.  I then finish the look by wrapping my bangs and other loose tendrels around a hot curling iron for about 30 seconds to create soft, carefree waves.  The best part about this style is there are no hair elastics, allowing a more freestyle, flowing look, and one with no headache caused by tight elastics and stabbing pins. What's not to love?!

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