Sunday, January 8, 2012

International Women of Mystery

Sweater dress, bag, belt - Arden B, Tights - Kate Spade, Boots - Bakers,
Earrings, ring - Jewelmint 

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Boston's shopping mecca, Newbury Street, to take in the Christmas lights, the tourists, and the sales.  We didn't end up doing much shopping, but I instead spent the day collecting ideas for decorating projects and DIY gifts.  The pre-holiday scene was beautiful, and full of some really interesting crafts and characters, but it was simply too chilly to break out the camera above ground.  After returning to our car, we were so inspired by the eerie look of this metropolitan parking structure, that we just had to snap a few pictures.  With the cars screeching past I felt like a spy just about to escape capture in a foreign land, and while dripping in Jewelmint accessories, I felt properly dressed to kill.

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  1. Shades of Sydney Bristow! Wish I could still pull off the sweater dress look!-JHF